Families, marriage and relationships are special, bringing joy and meaning to life. Sadly all around the UK family life is in crisis.  How can we help bring about change?

FamilyLife is a growing network of people who care about and are doing something to help strengthen relationships and support marriage.

Like all families we have experienced ups and downs and we’ve found there are some timeless principles that work. Our lives have changed and we are passionate about sharing this with others by building a movement FOR family life and marriage.

Why not join us?

What we do

FamilyLife works to strengthen families in the UK.

Our focus at this time is with couple relationships and supporting marriage. Research shows that the quality of  couple relationship as well as marriage have very significant benefits for the family as a whole (Source: Marriage Foundation).

Couple at A Day TogetherFamilyLife helps to transform relationships through providing hope and practical tools. We base our events and resources on research, experience of what works and we use the Bible as a key reference point.  Our events and resources are suitable for those who are married, preparing for marriage, remarried or in a long term relationship… struggling or solid. Everything we do is designed to be practical, fun, inspiring and give hope to those of all faiths and none.

We encourage couples who have experienced the benefits to pass them on to help others in their community.

Here is a list of our key events and resources.

How you can be involved

You can be part of the FamilyLife movement and there are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • fl-nottinghamAttend a FamilyLife event and be inspired!
  • Actively invite others to FamilyLife events so they can benefit.
  • Register on this website to receive our regular news reports.
  • Become involved in a Together group for couples, even start one yourself.
  • Find out about organising a FamilyLife event in your community.
  • Support us financially by giving online.

Contact us
 if you want to know more!

FamilyLife UK is a ministry of Agape Ministries Ltd
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