Couples Talk

Couples Talk was born in lockdown to bring you an hour of open, engaging conversation via a Zoom webinar to give you inspiration, hope and practical insights for your relationship.

We’ve had many open and honest interviews which have given encouragement and support for your relationship.

We’ve stopped doing these monthly now, although we do plan to bring you ‘Couples Talk Specials’ in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, you can still watch most of our previous Couples Talk on the video links in the Couples Talk Library. Here you’ll also find all the takeaway sheets for each talk.

If there is something you’d like covered in Couples Talk, then do get in touch:

“Come along and be blessed. You may well hear couples talk about an issue that you’re facing and find a way forward.”

“Thanks Family Life, these couples talks are so useful and helpful.”

“We have a good marriage and are very committed but life is difficult . To listen to strong couples encourages us. It is important to us is to be intentional to seek out such encouragement and hear others’ stories because it usually sparks a valuable conversation; this is fruitful for our marriage. Thank you.”

“Thank you for sharing your story it’s been very encouraging and it helps us to keep believing we can get through difficulties.”

Whilst we don’t charge for our events, FamilyLife is a charity and is funded by donations. If you would like to donate to FamilyLife you can do so here.

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