Toucan Together marriage devotional published on YouVersion Bible App

7 Relationship Goals for Your Marriage Toucan Together devotional with You Version Bible App

Toucan Together, FamilyLife’s app for couples to strengthen and grow their relationship, has just published a marriage devotional on the Bible App: 7 Relationship Goals for Your Marriage

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The devotional invites couples to explore seven inspiring, Biblical ‘Relationship Goals’ to deepen intimacy with each other and with God. Whether someone has been married one year or many the plan aims to help couples discover ways to grow and strengthen their relationship in practical ways.

Tiffany Atkins, FamilyLife Communications Coordinator, recently reviewed the devotional. 

This is a gem of a devotional! The authors take you through some of the key challenges in marriage providing some starting points for making doable changes. There is really helpful personal testimony alongside pertinent scripture. I found Day 2 especially helpful: growing intimacy in our communication. The reminder that honest communication is so often hindered by fears, but that ‘perfect love drives out fear’ really spoke to me. I’d recommend doing this devotional with your spouse and making the time to chat through the reflection questions together. It is a very worthwhile investment.

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