“We did it!”

Congratulations to the FamilyLife cyclists who made it from Canterbury to York and to those that went even further to Newcastle, absolutely fantastic! Well done!

We’re super proud of each person that took part in this huge effort to raise money for Toucan, our relationship app. There were highs, there were lows but the grit and determination of the whole team was amazing! (If you’d like to donate, click here)

The team started their 300+ miles in high spirits, pedalling over the cobbled stones of Canterbury in the warm sunshine (soon to be hitting 27C!) with the brilliant support crew heading up the rear. A puncture, a ferry ride, a few protein shakes and a whole lot of pedalling later meant day one was completed with the team still smiling (well mostly!).

Over the next few days, the daily routine became stretch, stretch, stretch, listen to the brief from Mark (usually encouragement, terrain info and safety reminders) and then pedal, pedal, pedal! There were some lovely spots for breaks along the way, with yummy treats to replenish the team’s calories. The team also had the chance to visit some beautiful cathedrals along the route (check out the blog if you ever need ideas for a day out!).

There were some significant birthdays during the ride too. 70 years old and still cycling 300 miles – what an achievement and something for us all to aim for I think! See if you can find, not one but three, birthday celebrations, on the blog.

The team did encounter some challenges too. A few collisions (into one another and an unsuspecting thorn bush) saw a few of our cyclists a bit shaken and unfortunately one trip to A&E. Thankfully, they all came out of it smiling and were either quickly on the road to recovery or back on their bikes.

Most of the team ended their heroics when they arrived in York on the fifth day of the cycle. There was jubilation and celebration, along with a lot of sore bums! Speeches were made and medals were handed out. Brilliant job everyone!

However, for some it was not the end….

A smaller team (with newbies) continued the ride all the way to Newcastle. The views were spectacular at this point and the cyclists enjoyed a break on the Yorkshire moors. As Newcastle came into their sights, there was just enough time to have pictures with a few iconic landmarks before they pedalled the last few miles to the finish line! Congratulations everyone!

And big thank you to the support team and all our sponsors!

Emma Parkin

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