Vision & Equipping 2015

incarnatefl-sliderWe hear a lot about “missional communities” these days and that’s what FamilyLife are helping people to do where they live. We warmly invite you to come to the Vision & Equipping 2015. This is our KEY annual gathering of friends of the ministry plus anyone interested in finding out more about what we do to strengthen relationships and share a practical GOSPEL with families in the UK.

We have an intriguing theme this year – INCARNATE – verb: to embody or represent in human form.

It is God’s plan that we are to become like Jesus; in our character and our behaviour. God wants to transform us bit by bit, day by day into Christlikeness. We don’t do this on our own, in fact we can’t! Also, this isn’t about having our personalities changed or becoming like robots. It’s an exciting journey of transformation to become the person we were always meant to be.

At V&E 2015 we will be helping all of us explore what that means in our own lives and in our relationships. Our time will include:

  • Refreshing our FamilyLife UK vision.
  • Equipping you to help and reach your community.
  • News and stories.
  • Mark & Christine Daniel, Directors FamilyLife will lead a workshop to help all of us incarnate God’s word more deeply in our lives.
  • Fun and fellowship!

We warmly invite you (married or single) to join us for all or part of our gathering. You could bring friends too!

Vision & Equipping: 30th (eve) & 31st January 2015.


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