The Palmers – still going after all these years (they married very young!)


I first met this smiley couple when Dave and I went on A Day Together before we got married, which was a whole 15 years ago.

I caught up with Jan and Gary on their involvement with Familylife and why they are taking time out of their busy lives to come to MOVE weekend on Feb 3-5th 2017

It dawned on me that if they had been speaking at an event that I went to 15 years ago, they must have been involved with Familylife for quite a while. I asked Jan when and how they got involved. Jan says ”We first got involved with Family life 20 years ago when we decided to positively invest in our marriage (which was already pretty good) and attending the Weekend to Remember Family life event seemed the perfect way to do this. Mark and Christine Daniel (some of you may know them now as directors of FL!) offered to have our kids so it was too good an opportunity to miss! We got so much from it that we decided it would be great to be part of bringing it to a wider audience so said ‘Yes’ to helping out. It’s been an adventure!”

 I asked Gary why they were still involved with Familylife after such a long time and what the highlights were. He said “The best thing about being involved is that it has given us something really tangible to work on together and it keeps our marriage on track.  Communicating together at events and seeing people work through tough stuff with God’s help is incredibly rewarding.”

I know Jan and Gary both work very hard not only at, but also outside of, their jobs. I asked them why they wanted to join in on Agape’s 50 year celebrations at MOVE weekend. They said “We are coming to Move to catch up with some amazing people who are doing very special things in a variety of ministries as well as to share in what’s going on with family life (which is pretty exciting).  We would hope to be refreshed in our own journey with God and to have our vision /purpose refocused”

Dave and I are pretty chuffed that Jan and Gary will be there to celebrate all that has been achieved over the last 50 years, they have a special place in our hearts. In 20 years time when we tell the story of how we got involved with the great work of Familylife, we’ll be talking about a couple who shared their ups and their downs with us in an honest, funny and encouraging way.

Thank you Palmers. See you in Feb!!

If you would like to join us all at MOVE weekend you can book your place here

Jo Arkell Jan 2017

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