FamilyLife supports marriage week

FamilyLife is supporting the UK National Marriage Week this May. It’s an absolutely brilliant opportunity to get people thinking about their marriage and how they can be investing into it.

Michaela Hyde, the project director, wrote:

“It may surprise you to know that a far more common cause for divorce is couples drifting apart rather than the big arguments that are misleadingly portrayed in TV dramas and films as the main reason for a marriage to end.  Regularly investing into a marriage is crucial for its ‘ever-after’ success.

The UK National Marriage Week is an annual awareness campaign for couples to join in with and this year it’s taking place from the 13th – 19th May. It’s a signpost to remind us of the importance of looking after our marriages and to encourage the couples within our churches to do the same.  Our theme for 2019 is ‘Recipe for a Healthy Marriage’.  Every good recipe works because it has the right ingredients and it’s the same with marriage.  The marriage ingredients we have chosen to focus on are commitment, kindness, communication, intimacy, friendship and forgiveness.”

UK Marriage Week 2019: Recipe for a Healthy Marriage
Michaela Hyde, Project Director, the Marriage Foundation

We see it as a brilliant way to get engaging with your relationship! Whether your marriage is very much alive and kicking or whether you’ve drifted apart, there are so many great resources to look at and learn from. There is something for everyone – from helpful tips to more serious help.

Head to the Marriage Week website here. It won’t be anything else but helpful.

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