Being brave paid off!

How would you feel about coming to A Day Together?

What would motivate you to come?

We know (because people tell us afterwards) that many couples come because they want to invest in their relationship, make it stronger, help a marriage last a lifetime…

Some couples come because they’re facing a challenge or are struggling.

For many people it takes courage to spend a day working on their relationship. They don’t know what to expect. They might think they have to do a role play (OH NOOO!) or report back something about their relationship (YOU DON’T). They don’t want to be told how to live their lives or be made to feel guilty by ‘perfect’ presenters (YOU WON’T) .

Here’s some feedback from couples who came to our Manchester event recently and were asked: what would you say to someone thinking of coming?

“Amazing, me and husband came here today not speaking at all, we drove here in the same car without a word and we leave feeling hopeful and excited.”

“Even if you think you have a good marriage, it’s like a garden that needs tending to stay beautiful.”

“We were feeling tired and wondering why we filled up a whole Saturday; didn’t we know it all already?

But this has been so refreshing.”“I was curious to know what this event was about. I can say I have been inspired, and it has exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.”

“Please go! It’s so worth it and it helped us to look differently at our marriage! “    


Highlights people shared:

  • The on-going private exercises within each topic.
  • Hearing about the speaker’s problems they’ve faced.
  • Understanding each other more and how to love intentionally.
  • Learning about love languages.
  • Real life examples to the topics in the book. It helped me to see other people’s perspective.
  • How to deal with conflict and forgiveness.
  • I can change my attitude and perception towards issues that come up in my marriage. We are different and communicate differently, that’s ok but we need to be gracious to each other and more understanding.
  • Putting action points into place in order to learn and change bad habits.


Being brave paid off!

Maybe after reading this you’re a little more motivated to come along to our next A Day Together event. Hope to see you there!

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Christine Daniel


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