Stuck for a gift ideas?

Has it happened yet? That sinking feeling? The time of year has come around again where we have to be creative, we have to think and search and scour the shops for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Some people are easy, aren’t they? My sister, she’s easy, my mum – easy. But my dad, a different kettle of fish, he’s quite tricky. So much pressure!

Well here at FamilyLife, we want to release the pressure. We have the perfect gift for you to give. AND it’s a two for one! Why not buy the couples in your life a gift certificate to come on A Day Together?

This is what some recent delegates who came along said:

 “A vital part of every relationship. Everyone should do this – regularly!

 “Really good day. Nothing embarrassing or cringing. Great way to develop understanding of each other.”

 “Don’t think about it, just come. We invest time in our careers, hobbies, children, etc. and yet do not think about investing time in the most precious thing: our marriage. A day like today allows us to reconnect and realise just what is important to each other.”

But of course, if you have been yourselves to an event, you’ll know that already. Click below for a stress free Christmas shopping experience!

Gift Certificates available HERE.

A Day Together – INFO & BOOKING


Jo Arkell

November 2017

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