A father’s influence

With Father’s Day fast approaching we wanted to share this beautiful watercolour celebrating the importance of dads. Sue, the artist, told us what inspired her to paint the picture: “I realise that relationship break up is devastating so many families and wanted to portray the importance of a father’s role within the family. Seeing a photograph of a child looking up at his dad, inspired me to make that the basis for my picture.

A father's influenceWhen planning the layout of the picture ‘A fathers influence’, I was struck by how much a father can affect or ‘influence’ the family. You can see in the image, the love and excitement of the son and partner, without Dad even being in the picture properly himself. So many fathers are missing either physically or emotionally from their families, perhaps they are unaware of their essential role.

This subject is close to my heart. My own father was not able to give the love and affirmation that his daughter needed, growing up. This partly led to me seek the affirmation elsewhere, leaving me vulnerable and damaged.

Thankfully, I discovered that my Heavenly Father was able to bring me healing and love – transforming my life.

I know first-hand that father’s play such an important role in life. When given the right love themselves, they can shine God into the lives of all in their family, such a symbol of hope for the future.”

This Father’s Day why not take time to write a card or letter telling your dad what you love, respect and value about him. Even if we struggle with our relationship, it is worth finding some words to affirm. Words are very powerful.

We would like to publicly express our gratitude to Sue MacBean for her beautiful picture and thoughtful words about the influence of fathers.

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