5 Tips for more fun

Mark and I have been married 32 years. We find that life is quite pressured and the fun factor can easily get squeezed out. We also know that if we don’t think ahead about our relationship stuff doesn’t happen.

Here are our 5 tips for more fun.

  1. We found that in the early days having fun together seems to happen quite naturally. After a while it takes a little planning and work. There’s no shame in that. What could you plan? Put something in the diary today.
  2. Try something like cooking together …pizza or even a a curry from scratch. You’ll need to plan ahead to research recipes online, buy the ingredients, cook and then enjoy! What will you try?
  3. Competitive? Looking for a little spice? How about playing a game together (cards, board game, digital?) …and winner decides where to have sex!
  4. Take a trip down memory lane. Open up the old photo albums, wedding pictures (if you have them), holiday snaps and/or dig into your cloud storage and share photos and stories.
  5. Looking for something a little different to inject fun factor and build a healthy marriage? Try Toucan, a new relationship app that covers topics such as communication, resolving conflict and love, intimacy, sex… Available free at https://toucantogether.com / App Store / Google Play. Download it today and have a go.

Christine Daniel, Feb 2018

This year’s theme for Marriage Week is THINK AHEAD to help you plan your future together. Visit the Marriage Week website for more ideas. 

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