Matt Walmsley is a Director of Maybridge Community Church in Worthing, where he regularly teaches and gives leadership to all areas of discipleship. He recently completed an MA in Biblical Interpretation, focussing his dissertation on the book of Obadiah. Matt is husband to Naomi, a GP, and father to Anita, a monkey. In his spare time, he likes reading, a bit of running, and praying that Liverpool will win the league.




Anne Witton grew up gay and became a Christian while studying Philosophy at UCL in 1996. She then worked with Manchester City Mission, sharing her faith with the homeless, prostitutes and those with difficult addictions.

Anne is currently based in Newcastle as a missionary with Agapé UK. She also speaks about sexuality – especially same sex attraction – on behalf of True Freedom Trust and Living Out. She’s currently studying for an MA in Contemporary Missiology at Redcliffe College.

Anne loves to help others know life in all its fullness in Jesus. She is happily single and loves Christian community, books, and playing her ukulele. She has an irrational fear of buttons and once embarrassingly got stuck in a revolving door with a top university professor.