Weekend to Remember

If you’re a couple, why not set aside a weekend just for the two of you and experience invaluable time together… to renew your relationship, to laugh, to think, to talk, to make significant decisions that will bring you closer together? Leave the usual distractions behind!

What happens at a weekend?

Speakers will share personal stories, tried and tested principles out of the Bible and practical relationship tools in a relaxed atmosphere. Their entertaining style will help you think about your relationship from a different perspective. There are several sessions over the course of the weekend and each covers a different topic. Each session consists of a talk delivered by the speakers and then you will have personal application exercises and time to talk privately as a couple to discuss and apply what is relevant to your own relationship. There are NO group exercises or role plays – it is just a special weekend for you and your partner to invest in your relationship.

The event takes place in a nice hotel. The formal schedule is from 9.30am Saturday to 4pm Sunday. However, we try to negotiate a conference rate for couples attending that includes the Friday night so you can make a really special weekend of it.

Growing intimacy

Identify the things that tend to drive you away from one another and what draws you together. Application exercises will help you understand each other better – just the two of you. Enjoy meals together and time to review and renew – it’s not only refreshing, its life changing!

“I totally loved this weekend… not scary, and a very safe environment”

Sessions include:

  • How on earth do we communicate?
  • Why is marriage sometimes an uphill struggle?
  • Is my partner friend or foe?
  • Sex – what’s at the heart of it?
  • Power for living
  • The best way to disagree
  • Roles of husband and wife

There is a special session just for engaged couples.

There are currently no Weekend to Remember events planned. Please consider attending A Day Together event instead. We may consider putting on a Weekend to Remember in partnership with church or community group and if you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

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