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January 18th
February 8th
March 15th
April 26th

8-9pm… with optional Q&A until 9.30pm
It’s MORE than conversation, with interactivity and “takeaways” …read on!

JOIN US for an hour of raw, real life relationship stories with COUPLES TALK. Open and honest interviews to give you encouragement and support for your relationship.

Whether your relationship is flourishing or you need some encouragement to keep going, we all need to give time to our relationship – even a great marriage can be improved!

Coming up on 18th January

All of us in long term relationships fall into certain communication habits. The question is: are your habits bringing you closer, or could they be drawing you apart?

In their 36 years of marriage Mark and Christine Daniel have collected a great deal of experience managing their own bad habits AND the bad habits of the other! They will share their communication struggles, successes and the good habits they have learned to give you insights for improving communication. Start the year stronger by growing good communication habits and join us for Couples Talk on 18 January.  

How it works
Tune in with audio only if you feel like simply watching and listening. Or interact fully via the chat box – there will be time for your questions to be answered. You’ll also receive our TAKEAWAYS …these are next steps to help you grow a stronger and thriving relationship together.


As this event is our gift to you Entry is FREE, although a ticket is required. If you are living in the same place as your partner, please register for 1 ticket and use the same device to connect to Zoom. (Please check your junk/spam folder for the zoom link, if you cannot see it after registering).
If you are in separate locations, you will need to register for 2 tickets, so
you can use more than one device to access Zoom.

Numbers limited, book your FREE ticket here.

In case you need more convincing, below is some feedback from those that have attended a Couples Talk event already.

“Amazing story, love your family. Such wisdom and learnings this evening.”

“Thanks Family Life, these couples talks are so useful and helpful.”

“Thank you so much for this evening, very special family and we are most grateful for your vulnerability and authenticity, big BIG love to you!”

“Thank you for sharing your story it’s been very encouraging and it helps us to keep believing we can get through difficulties.”

Couples Talk – growing good communication habits

TAKEAWAYS from 18 January 2021

Summary of main points

  • We need to make regular time and energy for good communication. What we do and how much time and energy we can give the relationship will vary depending on the season in life, but we need to do something so we can stay connected and grow as individuals and a couple.
  • If we only talk about day to day topics and ‘all the things that must get done’ it’s likely that our relationship will be shallow. We build intimacy when our communication is deeper and we share our feelings. Check out this blog for more on building intimacy and trust. 
  • Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader! It’s good to learn to express our needs.
  • We grow in our communication when we recognise our bad habits and develop new good habits. Toucan Together’s Communication Module reviews good communication habits in easy to remember ways, as well as bad ones. Discover more | Login 

Ideas to connect

  • Dates: coffee dates, date nights, date days, weekends away and in a pandemic – dates in your car! 
  • Admin nights – discuss the bills, kids and all the necessary stuff at a separate time. 
  • Do Toucan Together  as a couple, which set up some great conversations and help strengthen and grow your relationship.
  • Do a couple bible based devotional – see resources, below. 
  • Join a Together small group – see resources, below.
  • Read books together

Recommended resources

  • Toucan Together – the app for couples to grow and strengthen your relationship. It’s free!

Toucan Together can help you improve many aspects of your relationship: discover deeper ways to communicate; find positive approaches for resolving arguments; learn to speak each other’s Love Languages®️; build friendship, intimacy and a great sex-life. Get started by taking the​ ‘Pulse’ of your relationship with our short research-based quiz and see the health of your relationship across seven key indicators. GET STARTED NOW | LOG IN

You can also download the app from the App Store and Google Play

  • Toucan Together’s blog helps you grow and strengthen your relationship in 5 minutes a week. There is great content from fabulous contributors. Sign up to to receive your weekly insights, tips and tools HERE.

For reflection and discussion…

  1. What do you do to make regular time and energy for communication as a couple? Is there anything you want to change, and if so what and when?
  2. Are there any good habits you would like to develop? Any bad habits you are able to admit to?
  3. What could you do to grow your communication?
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