Do I have to come to it all?
No. Come for as little or as much as you can. However, we do ask those attending the FamilyLife European Forum Day on Sunday to attend the Vision & Equipping Day on Saturday as well because they are linked. We think you’ll have a great time at the Celebration Dinner on the Friday so do come along if you are able.


Can I register for just one day?
You can register for just the Celebration Dinner event on the Friday. You can also register just for the Vision and Equipping on the Saturday. However we do expect those attending for the FamilyLife European Forum Day on the Sunday to attend the Saturday as well since the two days are linked.


If the event is just for three days, why are there so many ticket options?
Since we ask you provide names for each attendee for each day, we thought we’d make it easier for you by providing multi-day tickets so you wouldn’t have to repeatedly enter the same names for each day. Online booking here.


Since I’m from the UK, does this mean I can’t attend on Sunday?
Absolutely not. We’d love for you to be part of this day. However, if you can’t attend on Sunday, that’s fine too. Since there are many travelling from overseas for the weekend, we may have to limit numbers to those wanting to come from the UK.


Can I come without my partner or if I’m single?
Yes! Everyone is able to participate and welcome. This is a great opportunity to make friends and network as well as learn more about FamilyLife.


Can I bring friends?
Most definitely yes! We encourage you to bring friends and anyone interested in finding out more about FamilyLife.


Are bursaries available?

We would not want finances to prevent people from coming. Please email markdaniel@familylifeuk.org about individual bursaries.