Each year we have a theme for the FamilyLife Vision & Equipping (V&E) and in 2018 the theme is: connected? 

Connection to others is the stuff of life. We first build connection with our family members, we grow into relationship with others and some of us develop a connection to God.

This year we will be looking at those connections and equipping you for mission.


We’ll be asking: what does God offer us by way of connection?

Exploring Psalm 62: 5-8 we will look at what it means for God to be a place of rest, a source of hope, a rock and a refuge. What happens when we look to others to provide these things for us instead?


Attachment theory is currently a hot topic! We’ll be finding answers to a number of questions.

  • What is attachment theory?
  • How does the process of attachment work for children and what is the impact of how that process for the adults they become?
  • What are the big problem areas? How can we spot any problems and help others move towards healing?
  • Why this issue is important? What is happening in society around this issue?


We want to do more than give you helpful information. You’ll leave better equipped for mission in your local community including:

  • keeping a close connection and developing intimacy with God.
  • helping others to ‘walk in step with the Spirit’.
  • supporting others in building closer connections with their partners and families.
  • dealing with unhealthy connections.

Come and join the movement! Together we can make a difference in our families, our communities and our countries.

Some highlights of V&E 2018 will be…

Celebration Dinner – 2nd February. A wonderful meal and entertainment by our special guest Steve Legg.  It’s a brilliant opportunity to bring along guests for a great night out with an opportunity to  find out more about FamilyLife. Learn more.

Vision & Equipping day – 3rd February. A practical day with like-minded people to inspire and equip you for local mission. The day includes workshops, interviews and lots of interaction around our theme: connected.  There’s also plenty of time for networking. Learn more about the programme…

Find out more about our speakers…