#Day5 Paris drama on the last day…

Today’s goal is to get 26 cyclists to go 26 miles into the centre of Paris, destination Eiffel Tower. There’s a certain amount of nervous excitement in the air. So far this trip we’ve had 2 crashes and 5 punctures but nothing major. We are all hoping things will stay that way.  Final briefing: PSBs … [Read more…]

#Day2 A BANG, a squeal, some styles and other hazards. 

The stories are emerging. This lot shared a room last night.  Simon:”I didn’t sleep a wink last night!” Hmmm. Neither did they Simon. #BigSnorer  In fact there are a few people requesting room changes. #snoring #smellyblokes #smellyfeet #hotstuffynastyair  You get the picture. But YHA Holmbury like cyclists and are friendly.  The middle one is the … [Read more…]

Four check out London

Twenty Five cyclists will ride from London to Paris from 24-28 August to raise money for FamilyLife. They include 2 x fathers & sons, 1 x mother & son, 5 x couples and a few odd chaps …and some of them are a little odd …but very nice! Everyone is training hard. Me included. On top of all the … [Read more…]